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Caig Laboratories K-G100P Progold Pen Conditioner & Lubricant For Plated Connections

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Amit Khuranna
Conditioner, Preservative & Lubricant For Plated Metal Electrical Connections
  • Improves Conductivity
  • Maintains Optimum Signal Quality
  • Protects Base Metals from Oxidation
  • Forms Protective Anti-Tarnishing Layer
  • Reduces Arcing, RFI and Intermittent Connections
  • Reduces Wear and Abrasion
  • Extended Temperature Range, -34oC to 200oC

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # G100P )
These products contain solder or will be used with products which contain solder. Solder contains lead, a chemical known to the State of ( Califormia, Texas, Arizona, Oregon) to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

ProGold is a unique conditioning solution that improves conductivity and protects gold, base metals and other precious metal contacts and connections. ProGold provides long-lasting protection on gold, silver, rhodium, copper, bronze, nickel and other precious metals.
Use on plated connectors, contacts and metal surfaces for maximum performance and protection.

ProGold outperforms all other contact cleaners, enhancers and lubricants. Due to its unique properties, it deoxidizes and cleans surface contamination, penetrates plated surfaces and molecularly bonds to the base metals. NO OTHER PRODUCT DOES THIS. ProGold increases the performance and reliability of all electrical equipment. It improves conductivity for greater definition and dynamics, reduces noise and interference, and lowers distortion. Unlike other products, it also stabilizes connections between similar and dissimilar metals. ProGold provides long lasting protection (1-10 years) on gold, silver, rhodium, copper, nickel and other precious metals.

Physical and chemical changes in the surface condition of electrical or electronic connectors are primary causes of degraded performance of components and equipment. When contact surfaces are exposed to dust, smoke, gases, soot, and other solids suspended in the atmosphere, nonmetallic films form, inhibiting conductivity. Added resistance and friction between metal surfaces can also cause abrasion, noise, freeze-up, and in some cases, increased power consumption.

A common problem with plated surfaces, especially gold, is the "whiskering" (dendrite corrosion) of base metals to the surface due to golds soft and porous nature. Once exposed, base metals oxidize causing a "blistering" of the surfaces, adding unwanted resistance that impedes electrical performance. The contact surfaces are actually separated by this blister, thereby reducing the effective contact area. Since gold plated surfaces are thinly coated, they are susceptible to scratching and abrasion, further exposing the base metals.

Conduction through a ProGold coated surface takes place in three ways. First, ProGold can be displaced by electrical arcing, shock wave or simple mechanical pressure and will redistribute itself along the surface when the disturbance is removed. Second, a thin insulating film of ProGold can be dispersed by an electrical field. Finally, conduction takes place through a very thin film of ProGold by means of a quantum- mechanical phenomenon called "tunneling." To avoid detouring into a discussion in physics, simply stated, electrons travel from one side of a thin film of ProGold to the other without passing through. (This is the same effect that gave the tunnel diode its name). ProGold fills the gaps in the contact surfaces, increasing the surface area and current flow (conductivity). ProGold penetrates the plated surface and molecularly bonds to the base metals to seal and protect it. Unlike other products, ProGold provides long lasting protection (1-10+ years) and will not gum-up, evaporate, varnish, char or breakdown.

ProGold coats the entire contact surface, providing superior protection from abrasion (insertion resistance), dendrite corrosion, arcing, RFI, wear, and atmospheric contamination. ProGold will significantly increase the performance and reliability of all electrical components and equipment.

Nonabrasive, noncorrosive, nonflammable, nontoxic and environmentally safer. Request Tech Sheet SB-G100 for further details

All metal surfaces that conduct electricity. All metal connectors, edge-connectors, IC's and sockets, probes, contacts, relays, batteries, terminals, model car/train rails, etc. - thousands and thousands of uses.
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